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about Andrew West Photography

About Andrew West Photography

Andrew West started photography during the film days, shooting action black and white films of off road motorcycle racing.  Following that, he  moved into wildlife and travel photography and then onwards to many spheres of photography.  Growing up in Adelaide Australia and having lived in Canberra and Singapore, Andrew has travelled extensively in Asia.  He has a passion for photographing in developing countries

Andrew still shoots film on occasion, but  over 99.5% of what he shoots is Digital, which is more suitable for most, but not all photographic requirements.

Living in Singapore for nineteen years and with more than twenty years of photography experience, Andrew West runs the Andrew West Photography business, covering event and wedding photography, corporate and family (including children’s) portraits as well as food, product, sports, travel and architectural photography.

When shooting  a Wedding, Andrew enjoys capturing those special irreplaceable moments of the couples special celebration.  There is a special feeling in capturing the many special moments and scenes, during a Wedding and knowing that the couple will treasure these for years to come.

Andrew West Photography has a talented team of experienced and creative  photographers, that can be called on for jobs that require multiple photographers.

Andrew also has extensive experience in the IT field and can offer a combined package for building a website and the product or other photography required for the website.

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